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Hello lil earthlings! How’s your day? Well, mine was really tiring but great. I woke up around 6am and eat breakfast and then clean the house. I went to Beans And Cream Coffee Shop And Restaurant to meet my friend Oyens Estoye and talked about some business stuffs. I mean, our other business aside from UNO. And then around, 8:44am I arrived there. We talked about lots of things and I guess it was really great. I’ll do fashion sketches from now on. I’ll post the details about our business as soon as I can. And then, I ordered, CREAM PUFF (A delicacy with a lecheflan taste filling, 25php each), it’s really DELICIOUS. It was a lil oily but it was tasty. And then, I ordered some ICED LATTE (75php) Hmm, it’s good. And then after that my friend went to school to take his exams. I hope he’ll get good grades.  Then, I stayed until 1pm. I made friends with the staffs. They tour me around.  I ordered some CAESAR SALAD(110php) and their BEST SELLER IN SMOOTHIES. STRAWBERRY flavor (100php). That was my lunch anyway.  I bought some CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS and CREAM PUFFS for take out. The ambiance of the Café was cool and I love it. I am looking forward for them to become my business partners. Every THURSDAY, I will go there for some business purposes.  Anyways, aside from that, because of some emergency reason, I had to go to my part time job at Tea Leaves because my Boss requested me to. She’s the only one there. Her 2 Staffs were sick. Get well soon to the both of you. Mr. Joe celebrated his birthday with us and yeah, We mixed a total of 130cups this day. Only the two of us. Both girls. My boss and I. It’s tiring but I really had a great day! Oops, I forgot to mention that I gave my CAESAR SALAD to my lil brother Kyle for him to taste it.  I will bring my family there. I mean at Beans And Cream specially, my  Arman Duenas. I miss him so much. And my loving mom Helen Duenas. Of course my sisters too.  So what’s your Adventure Of The Day guys?

Who’s free on OCTOBER 4,2014? SATURDAY. ^_^ Let’s meet and greet at SM CALAMBA. PM me if you want to meet and have a bonding with me. :) 




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Girl take pride in what you wanna do, even if that means a new man every night inside of you.

The Weeknd (Remember You)

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Good evening everyone! :)


Here comes my new mini business. For orders kindly PM me.   YOU’RE POPPIN!  

So what’s with this food that you’re gonna love? Everybody loves popcorn! Especially when watching movies. How about having a twist on its taste. Now you can take it home with you.  We can customize the design for you. You can give it as a present to your love ones. Or just enjoy chillin out with your friends and family.  It comes with different flavors. Such as strawberry and chocolate etc. Prices depends on the design that you will choose. But we also offer cups of You’re Poppin! just like on the bottom left corner of the photo. So what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy your life while YOU’RE POPPIN!